Owners FAQs

What can my caravan be used for?

Caravans at our Parks can be only used for holiday purposes. This means the caravan may not be someone’s main residence that is why we are ask about the address of your main residents & will continue to do so while you are in the caravan.

What are your site fees?

Find our site fees here.

What do the site fees include?

VAT, water, sewage and local authority (business) rates

Can I rent my holiday home out?

No sub-letting is not permitted

Are you pet friendly?

Yes we are pet friendly at both our parks, restrictions will apply

When do the parks close?

We do not Close we are all year round use

Can I register with the doctor locally?

Of course people get ill on holiday and may use the local doctor as a temporary patient

Can I run a business from the caravan?

Definitely not this would not be consistent with holiday use. However if someone wanted to keep in touch with their work or business whilst they are on holiday for example they could use a laptop tablet or smartphone.

Can I have post delivered to the park?

No as you must be registered at another address and we must hold this address on file

Can I register for council tax in order to obtain housing benefits?

No. Business rates and not council tax are charged the caravans paying council tax or receiving housing benefit to pay the pitch page would be taken as strongly indicating that the caravan is being used as a main residence.

My main residence is overseas does this count?

Yes but all the facts are relevant when deciding whether the overseas property or the caravan is your main residence, these will include whether you own the overseas property or if it is rented, then how long you have rented it for, how much time you spend in the caravan and how much time in the overseas property.

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